Avalanche Fatalities

Table view - Map view
Date Region Trigger # Killed
2/9/2019 Uintas Accident: Chalk Creek Snowmobiler 1
2/7/2019 Southwest Accident: Circleville Mountain Snowmobiler 1
1/25/2019 Moab Accident: East Face Laurel Peak Snowmobiler 1
1/18/2019 Skyline Accident: Electric Lake Skier 1
1/31/2016 Salt Lake Accident: Pointy Peak Skier 1
1/21/2016 Salt Lake Accident: Gobblers Knob Skier 1
3/4/2015 Ogden Accident: Hells Canyon Snowboarder 1
3/7/2014 Uintas Accident: Gold Hill Snowmobiler 1
2/9/2014 Skyline Accident: Huntington Reservior Snowmobiler 1
2/8/2014 Provo Accident: Tibble Fork Snowshoer 1
4/11/2013 Salt Lake Accident: Kessler Slabs Skier 1
3/1/2013 Skyline Accident: White Mountain Snowmobiler 1
1/18/2013 Uintas Accident: West Fork of Duchesne Snowmobiler 2
3/3/2012 Moab Accident: Beaver Basin Snowmobiler 1
2/23/2012 Salt Lake Accident: Dutch Draw Snowboarder 1
2/5/2012 Southwest Accident: Lost Creek Reservoir Snowmobiler 1
1/28/2012 Salt Lake Accident: Kessler Peak Snowboarder 1
11/13/2011 Salt Lake Accident: Gad Valley Snowboarder 1
3/26/2011 Skyline Accident: Horseshoe Mountain Skier 1
11/26/2010 Uintas Accident: Cherry Hill Snowmobiler 1
4/4/2010 Ogden Accident: Francis Peak Snowmobiler 1
1/29/2010 Salt Lake Accident: Grandview Peak Snowmobiler 1
1/27/2010 Salt Lake Accident: Meadows Skier 1
1/24/2010 Ogden Accident: Hells Canyon Skier 1
12/30/2008 Uintas Accident: Yamaha Hill Snowmobiler 1

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