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E.g., 02/05/2023
E.g., 02/05/2023
Date Region Observer
2/5/2023 Salt Lake Observation: Emma Ridges Kelly, Pressman, Basham, McCoy-Sulentic
2/5/2023 Salt Lake Observation: USA Bowl Scott Jirous
2/5/2023 Ogden Observation: North Ogden Divide Dan Morris
2/5/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Oquirrh Mountains Travis Bellantino
2/5/2023 Ogden Avalanche: Willard Peak K. Brown
2/4/2023 Logan Observation: Dog Leg Matt Barry
2/4/2023 Salt Lake Observation: Murdock Peak Brackelsberg
2/4/2023 Uintas Observation: Hayden Climaco
2/4/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Lambs Canyon Joe and Hudak
2/4/2023 SE Idaho Observation: Crystal Summit Brian
2/4/2023 Logan Observation: Southern Wellsville Mountains Eric and Amy Flygare
2/4/2023 Salt Lake Observation: Empire Pass Chris Benson
2/4/2023 Ogden Observation: Chilly Peak Slabs Gagne
2/4/2023 Provo Observation: Rock Canyon Dave Jarvis
2/4/2023 Ogden Avalanche: Farmington Lakes Davis
2/4/2023 Provo Observation: Santaquin Peak S Donovan
2/4/2023 Provo Observation: Mt Nebo Loop Road Raylund Smith
2/4/2023 Uintas Observation: Mirror Lake Environs Benedict/French
2/4/2023 Uintas Observation: Uintas jg
2/4/2023 Salt Lake Observation: Moonlight S Simonds
2/4/2023 Provo Avalanche: Cold Fusion Caleb
2/3/2023 Logan Avalanche: Garden City Bowls-The Gut Mike Virdone
2/3/2023 Uintas Avalanche: Mt Watson R Winzeler
2/3/2023 Ogden Avalanche: Snowbasin Backcountry Olivia Juarez
2/3/2023 Logan Avalanche: Logan Dry Canyon Unknown
2/3/2023 Logan Observation: Steam Mill Peak Area Pagnucco, Ward, Recker
2/3/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Mineral Fork Haffener / Wright
2/3/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Empire Pass Tim Matthews
2/3/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Empire Pass Tim Matthews
2/3/2023 Provo Avalanche: Aspen Grove Coyne, Whitney
2/3/2023 Provo Observation: Aspen Grove Coyne, Whitney
2/3/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Rampage Sean R
2/3/2023 Uintas Observation: Regionwide Craig Gordon
2/3/2023 Salt Lake Observation: Scotts Peak Hardesty
2/3/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Mineral Fork Jake Barnett
2/3/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Mineral Fork Jake Barnett
2/3/2023 Salt Lake Observation: Broads Fork Grainger, Olafsen
2/3/2023 Uintas Avalanche: Upper Weber Canyon Katz
2/2/2023 Provo Avalanche: Sundance Bri Hoopes
2/2/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Reynolds Pk S Elliott Kern
2/2/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: West Scotties Dominic Conigliaro
2/2/2023 Logan Observation: Tony Grove USU AIARE 2`
2/2/2023 Salt Lake Observation: Little Cottonwood Canyon Gagne
2/2/2023 Uintas Observation: Gold Hill Ted Scroggin
2/2/2023 Salt Lake Avalanche: Lone Peak Davenport
2/2/2023 Ogden Observation: Sharp Mountain Noah Sievers
2/2/2023 Salt Lake Observation: Coalpit R. Kosinski
2/2/2023 Ogden Avalanche: Chilly Peak Slabs Ron Gleason
2/1/2023 Provo Avalanche: Timpanogos AF
2/1/2023 Ogden Observation: Cutler Ridge Hardesty, O’Connor, Bombard, Smith