Forecast for the Uintas Area Mountains

Issued by Craig Gordon for Sunday, November 4, 2018 - 9:31am
Special Announcements
Welcome back.... we missed you! In your absence we've revamped our website. It might take a minte or two to get used to, but I bet you'll find it very intuitive and user friendly.
Huge thanks to everyone who came out to support the annual Boondockers premeire.
I wanna give a big shout out to Mike Poulsen and Tri-City Performance in partnership with Polaris who have supported the UAC for over a decade. Mike and his team generously donated two new "loaner" sleds for us to use this winter. This vital partnership allows forecasters see more terrain, issue more accurate forecasts, and ultimately save more lives.
Weather and Snow
Early October storms stacked up close to two feet of snow that settled to about half that depth in the past few weeks. An active weather pattern brought another couple inches our way since November began and more snow is on tap for the region late this weekend. The snowpack is shallow and layered.., mostly comprised of faceted snow with a few crusts thrown in the mix. Sunny slopes are bare and brown, but on high shady slopes, I don't see this snow dissapearing. That said- these are the building blocks to our upcoming winter and we'll have to keep an eye on the weather to determine the furture course of strength and stability. Remember- it's super thin right now and chances of slamming into a season ending rock or stump vastly outweight the possibility of triggering an avalanche. However, if there's enough snow to ride, then there's enough snow to slide.
Our main man Ted Scroggin was out and about in Whitney Basin yesterday. He reports a thin, layered snowpack with about 18" of snow on the ground on upper elevation, north facing slopes. Click here for a more detailed ob and short viddy.
General Announcements
I will update this forecast on a daily basis once the season gets rolling. In the interim, if you're getting out and about and see or trigger an avalanche, please let me know. You can submit an observation by clicking here. Or if you need to reach me call or text 801-231-2170 or send me an email

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