Observation: Cardiff Pass

Observation Date
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Tyler Falk


Location Name or Route
Cardiff Pass
Light Snowfall
Weather Comments
High temps at 8500 around 24 degrees, a nice change from the warm tempatures latily. S1 snowfall through the early afternoon which transistioned to clearing skys in the evening.
Snow Characteristics
New Snow Depth
New Snow Density
Snow Surface Conditions
Snow Characteristics Comments

Around 12cm of storm snow at 9400' on east aspects in upper LCC. Total height of snow at that spot has gone down about 10cm since 1/10 to 125cm. ECTX as expected on South aspects around that elevation. A number of clean shears are still possible in the layered structure on South including 24cm down where 1-2mm facets developed above a pencil hard crust. Still not great structure with the sandwiches of crusts and facets. See pic below. 

Red Flags
Red Flags
Poor Snowpack Structure
Red Flags Comments
Poor stuructre in most locations out there with a higher stonger snowpack in isolated places in upper LCC.

Alta Guard Monthly Temp Data:

Avg. Dec Temp: 27.2 (Warmest December since 1980)
Avg. Jan Temp: 27.3 
So Far for Feb: 30.4 

Looks like we will be falling into a coastal classification for the Alta Guard weather station unless we get some very cold weather the next two months. Far different story however from last years coastal weather around the range. Similar warm temps but warm and dry not warm and wet. 

Pic. 1 Graupel pooling in typical locations. 

Pic 2. Sucker holes throughout the afternoon. 

Pic 3. Quick look at the the sandwich of crusts on South aspects at 9384'  


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