Observation: Mt Tukuhnikivatz

Observation Date
Observer Name
Ryan Shea
Moab » Mt Tukuhnikivatz
Location Name or Route
Mt Tukuhnukivatz SE Face
Red Flags
Red Flags
Rapid Warming
Poor Snowpack Structure
Avalanche Problem #1
Wet Snow
Increasing Danger
Problem #1 Comments
Snow on Solar aspects was very wet by 11am and not supportable at all after 1pm. Mostly due to mild temps but needs some some solid melt freezes cycles before it gets good.
snow at 12k plus was a very good thanks to wind and getting close to good corn at that elevation or above, but quickly deteriorated Below.
Avalanche Problem #2
Normal Caution
Problem #2 Comments
Snow was very unsupportable at lower elevations on skis and sleds, in some lower elevation places sinking a foot or more in your turns even early day. Need some freezes.
Overall low avalanche danger on Southern aspects of Mt Tuk and Mt Peale. 2 main concerns are the normal wet snow caution and unsupportable snow. Without deep freezes the snow 10-12k became very unsupportable with sun at some points sinking a 10" plus on turns with deeper pockets of sinking noted. That's probably the biggest hazzard this week.
Above 12k in was very good and almost full on corn skiing but that ends quickly below 12k on solar aspects.
Did not touch nothern aspects at all but got some touches and confirmed that's still pretty hard snow.
Road from La Sal was clear until just before the water crossing. Then dirt for 1/2 miles in the switchbacks, then full snow coverage. We had to build a snow bridge on a couple of large downed trees but otherwise very ridable to the mt Peale basin.
2-3 nights of a deeper freeze would do wonders for the corn skiing.
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