Avalanche Advisory
Advisory: Logan Area Mountains Issued by Toby Weed for Tuesday - November 12, 2013 - 7:53am
bottom line

There is just not enough snow yet in the Logan Area, with less than a foot of loose sugary snow on shady slopes even at upper elevations. Stable avalanche conditions exist in most areas, shallow wind slab avalanches are unlikely, and the danger is LOW (or level 1) on snow covered upper elevation slopes. Extremely shallow snow cover and sharp rocks make for treacherous traveling in the backcountry.

current conditions

There is only 4 inches of total snow at the 8400' Tony Grove Snotel, containing less than 40% of average water equivalent for the date, and there's not much more than that up higher. Still not really enough snow to cover the rocks yet, but a few folks have been out wiggling through the cone flowers or cross-country skiing on the snow covered Tony Grove Campground loop. The Tony Grove Road is not maintained for wheeled travel in the winter, but the road is currently mostly dry and I was easily able to get up it yesterday without going into 4-wheel-drive.

It's a good time to check your avalanche rescue equipment, change to fresh batteries in your beacon, and test it's range. Refresh yourself and your partners with easy rescue scenarios while the snow is still shallow. History shows that early season avalanches are not uncommon in the area, and you might as well start the winter season on top of your game.

Check out my video observation from Monday, November 11....... HERE

recent activity

No avalanches have yet been reported in the backcountry around Logan

Avalanche Problem 1
type aspect/elevation characteristics
over the next 24 hours

There might still be a few shallow wind slabs in exposed terrain on the highest peaks. Although the chances are slim, you might trigger an isolated wind slab avalanche on a steep drifted slope, especially in a terrain feature like a gully or scoop that has old October snow as a basal layer. Keep in mind that with such shallow snow cover, a ride in even a small avalanche will be dangerous.


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general announcements

Our annual "Pray for Snow" fundraiser/party is scheduled for the evening of December 5 at the Italian Place in downtown Logan, and you are invited, so save the date. 

Sign up early for one of our life-saving avalanche classes.......HERE           And refresh your avalanche knowledge, check out some of our tutorials........HERE

Stay tuned for my early season intermittent updates, and I'll start issuing regular backcountry advisories as soon as there is enough snow for you to get out on.