Avalanche Advisory
Advisory: Skyline Area Mountains Issued by Brett Kobernik for Saturday - April 22, 2017 - 6:37am
bottom line

Continue to avoid being below glide cracks and large overhanging cornices.

special announcement

We have discontinued daily avalanche advisories. We will do intermittent updates during any significant weather such as a larger spring snow storm or a period of very warm weather. We may see some storms moving through next week and will update advisories if needed during that time.

current conditions

Below are a number of things to watch for during the spring.

New snow

Watch for cracking in new snow during spring snow storms especially if it is windy.

Warming directly after a storm

New snow can become unstable when it gets rapidly heated up for the first time after a spring snow storm

Glide cracks

Glide avalanches are somewhat of a concern this spring along the Manti Skyline. This is where the entire snowpack "glides" along the ground forming a "glide crack" in the snowpack. You can see the ground in these cracks. These glide cracks open up slowly during periods of warm weather. In many locations, these glide cracks have suddenly released as wet avalanches. Most of the glide cracks and glide avalanches that I've seen are on east facing slopes. I have started to see them on other aspects also. It is quite random when these may release but often it is in the afternoon during the warmest part of the day.

The best way to manage this avalanche concern is to simply avoid any slopes where you see these glide cracks especially during periods of very warm weather.

The photos below show a glide crack opening up (left) and a glide crack that released as an avalanche (right).


Avoid being on or below any large overhanging cornices. These will start to break off naturally as temperatures continue to warm.


The weather for the weekend looks nice with mostly clear skies and ridge top temperatures getting into the mid 40s to around 50. Next week looks somewhat stormy with what looks like it could be a good shot of snow for the Manti Skyline around mid week.