Salt Lake Mountain Weather

Thursday, March 23, 2017 - 9:39am
Forecaster: Evelyn

This storm may not turn out to be as good a snow producer as hoped - the storm seems stalled out to the west of the Wasatch, and may weaken as the axis finally moves east.  The general thought at the moment in another 2-4" of snow today before the storm winds down, with a few isolated spots getting 6".  Winds are shifting to the northwest (did hour ago in the Ogden area mountains), and still forecast to increase, with gusts along the high ridge lines 40 mph by evening.  Elsewhere, gusts to 30 mph. Tonights cooling at 10,000' into the upper teens will be short lived - 10,000' temperatures will rebound back to near freezing tomorrow.

Extended Outlook:

the next storm in the lined up is Saturday - small, but cool enough to drop the rain/snow line back down to around 6,000'.  Then 2 more storms possible next week.