Salt Lake Mountain Weather

Sunday, December 4, 2016 - 9:08am
Forecaster: Trent

Skies will become partly to mostly cloudy today, with the cloud bases lowering below the peaks this afternoon. The westerly winds have already increased this morning, and the high peaks are seeing speeds averaging 35 mph, with gusts into the 50s. Temperatures will warm this afternoon into the upper 20's at 9,000 ft ahead of a small storm that brushes by in the overnight hours. This two-part storm will bring wind and very cold temperatures in its wake. A small shot of snow Sunday night into Monday and again Tuesday morning will be welcomed and 3-7" of new snow is expected.

Extended Outlook:

West northwest flow will continue for the next couple of days. Behind the small storm on Tuesday we will expect clearing skies as some very cold temperatures. They are forecasting -20 degrees Celsius at 700mb - which means, at roughly 10,000 ft in elevation temps will be -4 degrees Fahrenheit. The extended outlook shows a progressive pattern with small storms continuing to brush by.