Avalanche Advisory
Advisory: Ogden Area Mountains Issued by Bruce Tremper for Sunday - August 16, 2015 - 8:07am
special announcement

Don't forget about the big fall fundraiser at Black Diamond, where you can come and see 1000 of your other backcountry friends and catch up on the summer gossip.

current conditions

So the question on everyone's lips this time of year is always what kind of winter are we going to have? As most everyone has heard, we have a strong El Nino set up right now and it's expected to last all winter. But for northern Utah, that means absolutely nothing because we sit smack in between the wet and dry regimes. During El Ninos, it's usually dry north of us and wet south of us. So southern Utah should be a bit wetter than normal but for northern Utah there is no correlation for either El Nino or La Nina.

So, as usual, we will get what we get. But I'll really go out on a limb here: We will likely get more snow this winter than last. Since last winter was an all time record for the least amount of snow, I think (hope) I'm right.

Speaking of which, you can read last year's annual report HERE.