Observation: Cub River

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Eric and Amy Flygare


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Southern Idaho
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Southern Idaho is still holding some great snow on the Northern half of the compass. We rode everything from Northeast to Southwest, from 6300 up to 9000 feet. Areas that caught sun over the last few days were getting a crust and were somewhat variable but otherwise the recrystalized powder riding was great. The new snow from the 10 January storm has settled out to about 10 inches deep. Judging from some of the huge settlement cones the snow must have been at least 18 inches deep right after the storm. A breakable rime crust could be felt in some areas and others seems to be unaffected by the rime.

Hand pit tests revealed a 2-3 mm thick rime crust in many areas hidden under about 10 inches of new snow. The rime preserved a layer of surface hoar that sheared easily in the hasty pit. The snowpack is now capped with another layer of surface hoar especially at mid elevations and lower elevations. Even with the buried layer of surface hoar we did not see any of the typical warnings signs; collapsing, whoomphing, cracking, recent avalanches, etc.
Even with variable riding conditions it was nice to get out of the nasty air trapped in the valley and enjoy the sun.
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