Blog: Week in Review (Jan 19 - Jan 25)

Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Greg Gagne

Week in Review for Friday Jan 19 through Thursday Jan 25

Progression of danger roses and overall hazard rating for the Salt Lake Mountains from 1/19 - 1/25. (Click on the day of the week for the archived forecast for that day.)

Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Moderate Moderate Considerable Moderate Moderate Moderate Considerable

Summary - A storm system early in the weekend delivered cool temperatures, light winds, and 1-2' of legendary Wasatch fluff. Weekend storm totals included (snow/water):

  • Little Cottonwood -  20"/1.08"
  • Big Cottonwood -  16"/0.85"
  • Park City ridgeline - 16"/1.0"
  • Ogden area mountains - 14"/1.05"
  • Provo area mountains - 10"/0.75"

With a weak, pre-existing snowpack on the shady aspects,  numerous human-triggered avalanches occurred, with at least one close call. 

Friday January 19 - Winds and warm temperatures signaled the arrival of a cold front which entered the Wasatch mountains in the evening.

Saturday Jan 20 - Storm totals overnight favored areas that do well with a southwest flow including upper Big Cottonwood Canyon and the Park City ridgeline. Three human-triggered avalanches were reported on Saturday, all breaking into faceted snow down 2-3':

No Name Bowl - (Observation as well as report from party that triggered the slide.)


Sheep S&#T Ridgline 

Porter Fork

Sunday Jan 21 - Winds veered to the northwest later on Saturday, with additional snowfall especially in terrain that favors a northwest flow such as upper Little Cottonwood. A slide was triggered by a snowmobiler in Caribou Basin adjacent to Snake Creek:

An avalanche also occurred at the Snowbasin Resort in a zone with recently-opened terrain.

Monday/Tuesday Jan 22/23 - Benign, cool high pressure with a few inches of very low-density snow reported at the upper elevations. Steeper lines on solar (southerly) aspects  safely being skied.

Wednesday Jan 24 - Winds begin to pick up and observations of fresh wind-drifting are reported. A human-triggered slide occurs along the Park City ridgeline on Point Peak. Like other slides from this past week, this was on a northeast aspect and failed on a buried persistent weak layer, breaking down 2-3'. The rider deployed their airbag and ended up partially buried with fortunately no injuries.

Thursday Jan 25 - Winds increased ahead of a storm that arrived in the afternoon, delivering 6-8" of fresh snow in the Cottonwoods and along the Park City ridgeline by Friday morning.

Storm totals for the week pushed 2' for many locations, with about 1.5" of water. 


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