Observation: Catherine's Pass

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Tyler Falk / AAI Level 1


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Catherine's Pass
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Valley tempatures this morning were in the high twentys while Alta was around 11 degrees at 730am. Skycover was clear in the morning which gave way to a few clouds in the afternoon. High temps at 8500' toped out at 22. Very light S1 snowfall accompyed the breif moments of cloudcover.
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Alta reported 1.5" of snow @ 4.7%. Better than nothing but still  below average for SWE.

NRCS Numbers.....

Snowbird 80% Median

Brighton 84% Median 

Thaynes 82% Median


Red Flags
Red Flags
Poor Snowpack Structure

Spent the last two days up in Catherine's pass with the AAI level 1 class. Similar findings to Greg's observation in terms of structure and our weak layers. No propagation in ECT's. Test results were showing weaknesses in the thanksgiving crust and faceted graupel layer (Q3's).  Small shallow windslabs possible on high east from overnight winds which were in the teens on 10k ridgelines. Aspect has a large effect on height of snow at the moment and anything not north facing and below 9500' has very little snow. 

Currently: Poor Structure, Moderate Strength & Low Propagation Propensity

Pic 1. Pit at 10,100 on a NE aspect. HS: 102cm

Pic 2. Pit at 10,200 on a NW aspect HS: 70cm   Graupel layer very well defined. 

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