Forecast for the Skyline Area Mountains

Issued by Brett Kobernik for Friday, November 11, 2022
The two to three foot deep snowpack is mostly stable and there is not much concern about dangerous avalanches right now. It's possible a person might find a fresh wind drift that could crack out on them on the steepest upper elevation terrain but you'd have to work at finding one of these that would release.
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Weather and Snow
I spent Thursday on skis wandering around looking at snow in the Fairview Canyon/Huntington Reservoir area. I would say the average depths are 2 feet. I was finding many areas with 3 feet total snow. This was more than I expected to find. The snowpack is dense and quite supportable already meaning my skis weren't sinking right through to the ground. Overall the snowpack is stable. There was over a foot of new snow from the recent storm. The wind has blown it around a bit so you'll definitely find some areas with deep drifts if you're up in the highest terrain.
As for weather, a storm that was shaping up for Tuesday has now all but disappeared from the recent model runs. The next chance for a decent shot of snow looks like around Friday of next week. Now that we have snow on the ground we really need it to keep snowing. If it doesn't, the snow that is on the ground will deteriorate and turn to facets (loose sugary snow) that can act as a weak layer once it gets buried by more snow.