Forecast for the Skyline Area Mountains

Issued by Brett Kobernik for Thursday, November 10, 2022
Weather and Snow
The Skyline picked up 12 to 17 inches of new dense snow since Tuesday night. The north half of the range did better than the southern half. Most high elevation locations have about 2 feet total snow on the ground now. West wind has been blowing a bit with moderate speeds during the storm and is still a bit breezy this morning. Temperatures were in the upper teens during the storm and remain there now.
I have limited information about the current snowpack and avalanche conditions. What I do know is this. There were no weak snow layers of concern before this storm. If there are any chances for avalanches it will involve the new snow and be related to wind drifted snow. My instinct tells me that things are fairly quiet and you'd have to really hunt for trouble right now. Hitting rocks, logs or stumps is a bigger concern than avalanches right now. However, I'm going out into the backcountry today and will do all my usual investigating; looking for fresh wind drifts, watching out for cracking of the snow, digging lots of quick holes checking for any weakness.
For weather, we'll have partly cloudy skies today, highs in the mid teens and it'll be a little breezy with wind from the west northwest. Looks like a couple of nice days will follow with a gradual warming trend. The next chance for any real snow looks like late Tuesday. Overall, the weather pattern looks somewhat active with no prominent ridge of high pressure advertised as of now.