"Ten Contributory Factors Leading To Direct Action Slab Avalanche Formation."

Trent Meisenheimer
Forecaster, Avalanche Education and Awareness Specialist, Video Production
Ed LaChapelle and Monty Atwater worked in Little Cottonwood Canyon in the 1950's.  Atwater put together Ten Contributory Factors for avalanche hazard evaluation in 1954. Check out his typewritten notes on direct action slab avalanches that are still relevant to today's avalanche problems. For further reading on contributory factors from Ron Perla there is a more in depth article from 1970 HERE
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I see that was not a typo quoting Ed's old writing. I thought 10-12 inches might be 1-2 inches since we all know that 1 to 2 inches of fresh snow can very easily be transported to create a 1 -2 foot thick slab.
Sun, 2/5/2023