Blog: Why Your Donations Count

Paul Diegel
Special Projects Director

The Utah Avalanche Center is a partnership between the Forest Service and the non-profit Friends of the Utah Avalanche Center. A little over a third of the money needed to run the UAC comes from the Forest Service, the State of Utah, and Salt Lake County. The rest comes from events, donations, grants, sponsorships, and classes. Ski Utah and the Utah resorts provide in-kind support and donate lift tickets for us to sell. Snowbird donates office space and Black Diamond sponsors the Fall Fundraising party. Why should this matter to you?

If it weren’t for donations and event support from users like you, we would have 3 forecasters covering the state and a phone hotline. Period. Your donations pay for the rest. The website, dawn patrol hotline, video updates, daily advisories for 7 regions within the state, observations, education material, Twitter and Facebook updates, Know Before You Go awareness programs, some weather stations, equipment allowing us to access remote backcountry, the super top secret mobile app that is in the works – that would all be a dream if it weren’t for you.

Many believe that the UAC is a Forest Service program entirely paid for by tax dollars, or should be. In an ideal world, it would be. As it is, your donations and hard work by a handful of volunteers have made the UAC the resource you count on and one of the leading centers in the world.

You can guess where this is going. We need your help. If having the resources that the UAC provides is important to you, please consider helping us out with a donation. We make it easy and you have a lot of choices.

1. Make a donation. Mail us a check at P.O. Box 521353, SLC, UT 84152 or go here to make a secure online donation.

2. Participate in Love UT Give UT. On Friday, March 22, a statewide event honoring and supporting all the non-profit organizations that contribute to our quality of life will be held. Our goal is to get everyone to recognize the value that non-profits add to the community and make a contribution to keep that support alive. If you value community programs like the Utah Avalanche Center, you really need to check this out.

3. Attend a UAC fundraising event. These are winding down for this season but will be around again next year. Come to the Black Diamond Fall Party on September 12, 2013, attend a ski or sled movie event or one of a wide selection of other events and spend freely, knowing that your evening enjoyment supports the avalanche products you use.

4. Come to the 12 Hours of Canyons, or sponsor someone who is participating. On March 29 at 7 pm, we will start skiing at Canyons and we won’t stop until breakfast goes on the table at 7 am. Have you ever skied all night by headlamp? Do you think you could? How much vertical could you rack up? Join us on March 29 to answer those questions. Check the event pledge list to see who is in and consider making a pledge to keep them going all night.

5. Make a business donation. If you have a business with a product or service that we can use or raffle or auction off, contact us. This can be a great way to attract customers to your business and make a donation to the UAC that doesn’t cost you much.

6. Buy logo swag. Are you rocking the UAC logo on a ball cap, beanie, tshirt, or insulated mug? You could be.

7. Talk to your friends. Has everyone on the skin track or in the truck with you made a donation to the UAC this year or are you riding with a free rider (the economic kind, not the kind with baggy pants).

Thanks for making this effort worthwhile for us and for your support. Best wishes for big stable spring powder days.