Observation: Meadows

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P Diegel


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Up "standard" skin route, descent via Brad's Line
Weather Comments
Clearing late in the day, still a lot of solar radiation warming snow surface not steep N facing
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About 5 pm: At upper elevation (~9200 ft+) surface somewhat wet, spongy supportable base.  Easy pole penetration about 15-20cm, firm below that. Stepped off my snowboard at about 8800 ft and my feet went easily to the ground, about 80cm deep, like standing and riding in slush.  Creepy. Shady areas were not refreezing (this was about 4 to 6 pm, well before dark but lower E facing was shady for a while.

Red Flags
Red Flags
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Saw a very large crown in Days Fk, see (poor) photo, maybe the one reported by A. Stireman, A. Mollard. I was a long ways away and couldn't see the ends but it looked like 2 Dogs and to the west, all the way around Upper Days (1500 ft long x 5 ft plus deep?). The mid elevation snow I was riding was loose, wet, and not capable of supporting much load. Update: This is the same slide that A. Stireman, A. Mollard reported and their description is more accurate than mine. After looking at phtos again, I realized that I was looking from an odd ange and a long ways away and suspect I exagerated the dimensions a bit. PD
Avalanche Problem #1
Wet Slab
Problem #1 Comments

The crown length and depth in Days from at least a mile away looked terrifying. The crown area shape and distance from the ridge looked looked to be right about where you'd expect to find maximum wind deposition from strong SW winds. Not sure what to call this hazard level now - maybe High tomorrow if it warms enough? That's how I'm treating it. What will it take to freeze and lock up the wet snow to the ground?

Avalanche Problem #2
Loose Wet Snow
Problem #2 Comments

I saw some loose wet debris below about 8800 ft in steep aspens, but not enough to do any damage

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