Observation: Gold Basin

Observation Date
Observer Name
Wilson, Hayes, Hardesty


Location Name or Route
Gold Miners, Talking Mountain Cirque
Wind Direction
Wind Speed
Weather Comments
Glorious day, despite a strong South to Southeast wind. Temperatures were above freezing at Gold Basin from 10am onward, and reached 43F at the Geyser Trailhead at 3pm. Although temps stayed in the mid 20's at 11,700', steep south and southwest aspects still got wet. Snow tranpsorted in obvious plumes off ridglines, but also saltating like blown beach sand across slopes and valleys.
Snow Characteristics
Snow Surface Conditions
Dense Loose
Faceted Loose
Wind Crust
Melt-Freeze Crust
Snow Characteristics Comments

Is there a check box for talus? Lots of snow surface conditions to choose from out there, especially for those fond of wind-board.  Soft skiing remained in treed north aspects, while solar aspects were either crusted or damp.  Wind had impacted well into the valleys and lower elevations.  Still, fun turns to be had.

Red Flags
Red Flags
Wind Loading
Poor Snowpack Structure
Red Flags Comments
Structure remains poor, with basal facets observed on even high elevation thin South aspects (albeit without much slab above). Plenty of wind and moving snow, but wind pillows did not seem sensitive along our route. No recent avalanches noted, no cracking or collapsing noted.
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