Observation: Big Cottonwood Canyon

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Colin Gregersen


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Big Cottonwood Canyon
Red Flags
Red Flags
Poor Snowpack Structure
Skied between 7,700' and 9,700' in north facing terrain this morning. I went to an area where I could ski in steep trees or push out into more exposed terrain. Found snowpack structure disappointing. Stayed in the trees. Hand pit at 9,700' on windward side of ridge (NNW) had total snow depth of approx 3'. Column failed on the facets at the ground with two light taps with my hand on the back of the column. Hand pit at 9,600' on lee side of ridge (NNE) had total snow depth of approx 5'. Column failed while trying to isolate it (note I was using my pole handle to isolate the column when it failed. Probably woulda been able to isolate it if using a saw). Snow in the trees was unsupportable between about 8,000 and 9,500 ft with my tails pooping out from under me on the descent. Wondering if the recent cold temps and shallow snow in this location has turned the depth hoar machine back on? Oh, and lower elevation east facing snow surface was wet on my exit at 11am.
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