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UDOT Provo Woody
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Provo Avalanche Cycle

The following photos are of recent slides in Big Springs Big Bowl's 1,2,3, and 4.  Bunnell's White Limbo, Middle Bowl, and White Bimbo.  Cascade Cirque Apron.  Big Springs Bowl 1 was the sharpest crown face and most likely occurred yesterday as the winds shut off. The others most likely occurred sometime around the afternoon of the 15th. Most of these appear to be triggered by natural cornice falls (including Big Bowl 1).  All of the slides on Cascade were on Easterly facing aspects between 10600' and 8800'. Crowns ranged from 10" - 3' deep with the deeper crowns mid slope below sheltered cliff bands.  East aspects had developed a crust prior to the storm and wind event. Cascade picked up 8" of 8% snow with moderate winds on top of a hard MF/Sun crust on the morning of the 14th through the morning of the 15th, then WSW winds deposited a fairly uniform wind slab on top of the new snow on the evening of the 15th through the evening of the 16th.  (note the wind effect by the gunner's lower left flank of the slide in Big Bowl 1) This set up this avalanche cycle in the Provo Area mtns.



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