Observation: Cardiff Pass

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Upper LCC South Faces
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Moderate NNW winds observed on the E ridge of superior. Did not observe very much snow transport with the light to moderate winds though. Sun was strong and warm early. Not early winter anymore, the sun angle is getting higher as we are about halfway between the solstice and equinox.
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Now was pleasant on the south this morning before 10am.  Still cold but could feel a few spots it was already picking up heat in the morning.  Not as much wind effect as anticipated.  Felt some slabby wind affected snow on the way up to pole line pass, but on the south face of Black Top/Little superior less so with still very soft isolated pockets of wind slab, unreactive.

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Didn't look at the norths today, but the souths were picking up heat quick. Temps rose quickly and the sun was strong in hte morning hours. Observed one small wind slab trickle avalanche, probably initiated by people traveling up superior this morning, maybe natural.
Avalanche Problem #1
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Although didn't observe any very deep stiffer wind slabs, I was seeing some SS wind slabs, fairly shallow and for the most part unreactive, I would suspect in some places and/or a little higher may have been a different story given the wind data and the observed winds.

Avalanche Problem #2
Persistent Slab
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Although not observed today, I am almost certain the structure remains.  May be appearing dormant as of late, but low probability high consequence problems are major problems to me.  These small storms may not be activating the PWL but as the snow slowly adds up and the winds blow the scales could be tipped any just waiting for a skier to trigger.  Read attached article below to better understand this problem and how long after "loading event" persistent slab avalanches can be triggered.

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