11th Annual Utah Snow & Avalanche Workshop Open and Motorized Sessions Oct. 27th.
Observation Date: 
Observer Name: 
Location Name or Route: 
Brighton Back Bowls, Figure 8, Twin Lakes
Light Snowfall
Wind Direction: 
Wind Speed: 
Weather Comments: 
Skies vacillated from obscurred to overcast throughout the day. Very light snowfall, and at times it felt like it was riming lightly. Temperatures above 9200 feet were mild but cool enough to not allow the surface snow to get damp. Winds were slightly variable shifting from the WSW to W and moderate. Transport was light, yet there was drifting still going on.
Snow Characteristics
New Snow Depth: 
New Snow Density: 
Snow Surface Conditions: 
Dense Loose
Melt-Freeze Crust
Rain-Rime Crust
Snow Characteristics Comments: 

There are still patches of soft turning in the most protected areas on the upper half of the compass. Besides these isolated zones, the riding conditions are extremely variable with a mix of rime crusts, wind board, damp spring-like snow, and old partially buried turns. Fortunately the winds and the 1/2 inch of new snow appeared to help smooth out some of the surfaces and partially erase some of the old tracks. Even a minimal amount of addtional new snow with more winds can only help improve the riding conditions. 

Red Flags
Red Flags: 
Wind Loading
Poor Snowpack Structure
Avalanche Problem #1
Persistent Weak Layer
Problem #1 Comments: 

The warm temperatures from the week appear to be stiffening up the slab structure and creating a more solid bridge over the mid pack and basal facets. Many steep lines are being skied, yet confidence is not yet strong/high with regard to attacking steep facing terrain on north and east facing mid and upper elevation terrain. 

Avalanche Problem #2
Wind Drifted Snow
Problem #2 Comments: 

See above

Today's Observed Danger Rating: 
Tomorrows Estimated Danger Rating: 
Snow Profile Coordinates: 

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