Observations for All regions

E.g., 02/20/2019
E.g., 02/20/2019
Date Region Observer
2/19/2019 Moab Observation: Moab Dave Garcia
2/19/2019 Salt Lake Observation: Gobblers Mark Staples
2/19/2019 Salt Lake Observation: Catchers Mit Chester
2/19/2019 Salt Lake Observation: Monitors mark white
2/19/2019 Salt Lake Observation: Mary Ellen B
2/19/2019 Skyline Observation: Knob Mountain John Pikus & Travis Magaluk
2/19/2019 Uintas Observation: Weber Canyon jg
2/18/2019 Skyline Avalanche: SR 264
2/18/2019 Uintas Observation: Co-op Creek
2/18/2019 Southwest Observation: City Creek Peak Bombard, Pioli
2/18/2019 Logan Observation: Mill Hollow weed
2/18/2019 Salt Lake Observation: Cardiff Fork Hardesty, Hampden
2/18/2019 Salt Lake Observation: Big Cottonwood Canyon B
2/18/2019 Salt Lake Observation: Mt. Aire Bruce Tremper
2/18/2019 Salt Lake Observation: Broads Fork evelyn
2/17/2019 Uintas Avalanche: Upper Weber Canyon Craig Gordon/Shannon Finch
2/17/2019 Provo Avalanche: Bunnels Woody, Provo UDOT
2/17/2019 Moab Observation: Moab Nauman, Bolos, Quinn
2/17/2019 Salt Lake Avalanche: Pioneer Peak Walter Shearon
2/17/2019 Salt Lake Observation: Cardiff/Mineral mark white
2/17/2019 Provo Observation: American Fork B
2/17/2019 Salt Lake Observation: Butler Fork Bryce Mullin
2/17/2019 Salt Lake Observation: Alexander Basin Grainger
2/17/2019 Ogden Observation: Cutler Ridge Dan Morris
2/17/2019 Salt Lake Observation: The Ice Box T Diegel, P Diegel, Patterson, Gregersen
2/17/2019 Uintas Observation: Bald Mtn Pass Andy Nassetta / Bo Torrey
2/17/2019 Skyline Avalanche: Scofield Reservoir Jeremy
2/16/2019 Salt Lake Accident: Guardsman Pass area John
2/16/2019 Salt Lake Avalanche: Claytons Meisenheimer
2/16/2019 Skyline Avalanche: The Dungeon Brian Seeley
2/16/2019 Moab Observation: Moab Charlie Ramser
2/16/2019 Salt Lake Observation: Monitors Scott
2/16/2019 Ogden Observation: Snowbasin Backcountry Bill Hunt
2/16/2019 Uintas Observation: Upper Weber Canyon Staples et al
2/16/2019 Uintas Observation: Hoyt Peak jg
2/16/2019 Uintas Observation: Smith-Moorehouse Brackelsberg / Caplis
2/16/2019 Uintas Observation: Mill Hollow Andy Nassetta / Bo Torrey
2/16/2019 Salt Lake Observation: Cardiff Fork Tomasz Stefankowski
2/16/2019 Salt Lake Observation: Gobblers T Diegel, Patterson, Gregersen, Gustafson
2/16/2019 Salt Lake Observation: Snowbird periphery B
2/16/2019 Salt Lake Observation: Ivory Flakes mark white
2/16/2019 Salt Lake Avalanche: Silver Fork Headwall S. Murray
2/16/2019 Provo Observation: Back of Bobs Merritt N.
2/16/2019 Uintas Observation: Uintas Jake
2/16/2019 Uintas Observation: Uintas Michael Janulaitis
2/15/2019 Provo Avalanche: Mill Canyon Peak Jeff Rhoads
2/15/2019 Ogden Avalanche: Wheeler Creek Daniel Turner
2/15/2019 Logan Avalanche: North Face of Providence Peak Jeremy Jensen
2/15/2019 Uintas Avalanche: Uintas Craig Gordon/Dan Gardiner
2/15/2019 Uintas Avalanche: Uintas Craig Gordon/Dave Kikkert

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