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Cardiff Fork
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the big story for today was wind, very little wind till 10 then it came. shook snow off trees, almost tipped me over, guessing there was a gust to 40 mph. seemed to back off a bit in an hour but still transporting snow to midslope. sw thru se
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south side of the compass did not bake as much yesterday as I thought. quite a bit of variability mostly due to wind. in the flats, snowboard would edge lock, nose would try to bottom ride, had to be on back foot hard. green runs too slow to have fun, took a blue square. tracks were filling in quite well midslope and higher.
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Our party of 3 intentionally triggered 4 very small wind slabs (10' widex8"deep ran 10 to 50 feet) on a cross loaded east facing slope on the n side of small noses. location was skiers right of cardiac Ridge run where small trees start to pepper the slope. s facing, eben with heating yesterday, still a little bit of snow still avail for transport, little superior saw s wind blowing snow up and over ridge. skinner and tracks filling in 45 minutes mid slope. lower was out of wind.
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previously mentioned 4 small windslabs.
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Previously mentioned. Impressed with how most are dialing it back a bit this year. for tommorow, gonna check the box for recent loading past 48 hours.
I picked considerable for tomm, due to forcast with more snow avail for transport, continued winds forcast.
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