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mark white


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Sunny until 10am, dropping cloud deck and light snow in the pm, light NW winds on the ridge line and cold temperatures, felt like winter, go figure.
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The snow surface was powder on all aspects, with a few inches of new snow in the last 24 hours, there were a couple spots of winded snow but over all just light density powder. The new snow has settled out to about 15 inches in the upper portions of Cardiac.

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Red Flags
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Same old red flag same problem.

Skied in the upper portion of Cardiac today, that area still has poor snow pack structure but seems to be coming around a bit with a deeper snow pack than most other areas I've visited lately. No cracking or collapsing was noted today and the only instability was sluffing in steeper terrain but these sluffs weren't as large or fast moving as they have been in the last few days, due to settlement. The most suspect areas seem to be on the perimeter such as the PC Ridgeline and Millcreek with thinner snow packs and multiple thin spots to trigger a persistent slab. Not quite sold on bridging with a 3 foot deep snow pack but more depth always helps. I think the main reason that we are not having a widespread avalanche cycle with 21 inches of new snow is the lack of weight or a slab in the new light density snow, any sort of wind event or heating of the snow-pack could changes things rapidly. A little of topic, but if anyone finds a black, leather Black Diamond glove in the bed surface of the No Name slide or in that area it's mine and my hands getting cold.

Photos: minor sluffing in steeper upper elevation terrain

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