Observation: Meadows

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Meadow Chutes
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Really warm and no wind.
Snow Characteristics
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Faceted Loose
Melt-Freeze Crust
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The snow was gettng cooked on SW-S-SE aspects. Thin surface hoar on many slopes even up to the ridges. Dug a pit on a NE facing aspect at 9,500 ft. Slope angle 20 degrees. HS 100 cm. CT12 Q1 failing on depth hoar. ECTP24 SC also failing on depth hoar. 

Red Flags
Red Flags
Recent Avalanches
Rapid Warming
Poor Snowpack Structure
Red Flags Comments
Poor structure in snowpack. Rain crust noted up to about 9000 ft with facets below. The avalanche from a couple days ago in Bananna Days was rather impressive. There were also fair amount of recent tracks in steeper northerly facing slopes in the Meadows with no signs of avalanches. I was not sold on hoping into those slopes as well based off the current state of the snowpack. There are many slight aspect changes in Meadows which I feel like many people don't realize. Just beacause you see tracks down a slope doesn't mean it's safe. The tracks you see are on a SE aspect and if you ski just to the right of them, well your now on a NE aspect which is much less safe right now. It's a tricky situation out there currently.
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