Observation: Grizzly Gulch

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Great skiing conditions on N through E facing slopes at mid-high elevation, with the caveat of staying away from steeper terrain due to the current persistent slab problem.
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The avalanche (previously submitted observation) in Grizzly Gulch is a great eye-opener for the size of avalanches that could occur in our current conditions as a result of the persistent weak layer of basal facets. Seeing a crown that tall helps illustrate the destructive potential of triggering a persistent slab avalanche in current conditions.
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Persistent Slab
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Faceted snow remains in the snowpack near the ground as well as above the thanksgiving crust layer. From a propagation saw test today: PST 56/100 (End) down 80cm
Fun skiing but the current persistent slab problem is scary, especially given psychological heuristic influence. These slides will be hard to trigger in some areas, but with a shallow snowpack there is a high level of variability in snow depth. This means that the weak layer(s) in question might be shallow enough in some areas to trigger large slides. Spooky.
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