Observation: Grizzly Gulch

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Grizzly Gulch
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X sky in the am, slowly clearing to BKN throughout the day. W Winds gusting to moderate along the ridgelines, C-L below. Morning flurries tapered off by midday. Overnight cornice development along the TLP ridge, wind slabs observed along NE Patsy.
Snow Characteristics
Snow Characteristics Comments

Slight wind skin in some exposed areas. No co/cr observed. No new avalanches observed.  No slab results with several small cornice drops near TLP........   2 pits: #1, WNW @9700'; HS 100cm; CT12, CT13, ECTN12 all within storm snow; CT27 SC, CT25 SC on facets down 60cm.. #2, NE @10,000'; HS 170cm; failures observed within storm snow; CT25 SC, ECTP25 SC, both at the ground. Also got 2 ECTP 30+ in the same pit; we were trying hard for weak snow in this one........  The slab is getting thicker, our PWLs are becoming harder to trigger.  With a sunny weekend on its way, and powder-starved community I wouldn't be surprised to hear of some close calls over the next few days. 

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Meant to submit last night, apologies for the tardiness
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