Observation: Grizzly Gulch

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Grizzly Gulch
Weather Comments
Slowly clearing through out the day, I think solars stayed dry. Wind slabs along the cottonwood ridgeline. HST 30-45cm. High end light winds, plumes on superior at the end of the day.
Snow Characteristics
Snow Characteristics Comments

Snow seemed pretty stable as long as you didn't dig down to observe poor structure. No co/cr observed. No new avalanches observed. D3s with ex at resorts though. Dug one pit on S at about 10'000', poor structure, failures within storm snow, crust over facets still evident at top of xmas layer.

Red Flags
Red Flags Comments
Observed a lot of really poor human behavior today. Saw DOZENS of people with no avalanche gear. Skin tracks directly up terrain traps. People building jumps into the North facing side of the grizzly gulch ravine (pretty sure there was a close call here in similar conditions a few years ago).
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