Observation: Guardsman Pass area

Observation Date
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Mark Staples


Location Name or Route
Mark Staples
Weather Comments
Rain/snow line at 1545 was at 8000 feet. Between Silver Fork Lodge and Entry #1 at Solitude.
Snow Characteristics
Snow Characteristics Comments

4-7 inches of dense new snow. 


I dug at 9800 feet on a NE aspect on the Northern shoulder of Peak 10420.

There were two VERY obvious weak layers. You can feel them with your saw as you cut through the snowpack. It feels like hitting a layer of air.

The old snow surface from Saturday, Jan 6 was the weakest layer of facets. The next weakest layer was more facets in the bottom foot of the snowpack. See photo below. Consistent ECTP12 or 13 on the upper facets layer. PST10/109 end.

A little more easterly aspect was shallower. Scary shallow.

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