Observations for All regions

E.g., 01/23/2019
E.g., 01/23/2019
Date Region Observer
1/21/2019 Ogden Observation: Cutler Ridge Kevin Dressel
1/21/2019 Salt Lake Observation: Bountiful Mark Staples
1/21/2019 Salt Lake Avalanche: Murdock Peak Grainger, Young
1/21/2019 Salt Lake Observation: Mule Hollow B
1/21/2019 Uintas Avalanche: Uintas D. Earl
1/21/2019 Salt Lake Avalanche: Thomas Fork AD
1/21/2019 Salt Lake Observation: Little Water L. Dunn
1/21/2019 Salt Lake Avalanche: Emma Ridges Chad Ambrose, Scott Wetzel, & UAC Staff
1/20/2019 Moab Observation: Moab Charlie Ramser
1/20/2019 Uintas Observation: Uintas B
1/20/2019 Salt Lake Observation: Willows John O
1/20/2019 Salt Lake Observation: Grizzly Gulch Josh
1/20/2019 Ogden Observation: Cutler Ridge Megan and Bill
1/20/2019 Uintas Observation: Uintas CJ
1/20/2019 Uintas Observation: Uintas jg
1/20/2019 Logan Observation: Garden City Bowls kory
1/20/2019 Salt Lake Observation: Park City Ridgeline Hardesty, Carpenter
1/20/2019 Southwest Observation: City Creek Peak Kathy, Alejandro
1/20/2019 Salt Lake Observation: Big Cottonwood/Millcreek Gagne/Duvernay/Ormsby/Frey
1/20/2019 Salt Lake Observation: Salt Lake foothills John Mletschnig
1/20/2019 Provo Observation: American Fork Anthony, Luke, Dean
1/20/2019 Salt Lake Avalanche: White Pine Gulch Mike
1/19/2019 Salt Lake Avalanche: Bountiful Mark Staples
1/19/2019 Uintas Avalanche: Uintas Craig Gordon
1/19/2019 Salt Lake Avalanche: White Pine Matthew
1/19/2019 Southwest Observation: Puffer Lake Drew Nehrenz
1/19/2019 Logan Avalanche: Mitton Peak kory
1/19/2019 Salt Lake Avalanche: Grandview Peak John Mletschnig
1/19/2019 Ogden Avalanche: Bountiful mountains
1/19/2019 Moab Observation: Moab Murdock
1/19/2019 Ogden Observation: Cutler Ridge brian smith
1/19/2019 Salt Lake Avalanche: Grandview Peak Kyle Anderson
1/19/2019 Salt Lake Observation: Lambs Paradis / Gibson
1/19/2019 Skyline Observation: Skyline John Pikus
1/19/2019 Ogden Avalanche: Snowbasin Kenny, Joel, Jon
1/19/2019 Salt Lake Observation: Gobblers T Diegel, P Diegel, Patterson, Gregersen
1/19/2019 Salt Lake Observation: Brighton Hill jason tanner
1/19/2019 Salt Lake Observation: Scotts Peak Jamie
1/19/2019 Ogden Avalanche: Cutler Ridge Dan Morris
1/19/2019 Salt Lake Observation: Moonlight L. Dunn
1/19/2019 Salt Lake Observation: Gobblers Gimtro Stucki Moughamian
1/19/2019 Salt Lake Observation: Butler Fork mark white
1/19/2019 Salt Lake Avalanche: Two Dogs Spencer D.
1/19/2019 Ogden Observation: Choke Springs Mike Fogg
1/18/2019 Skyline Accident: Electric Lake Brett Kobernik & UAC Staff
1/18/2019 Logan Avalanche: North Beirdneau Ridge weed
1/18/2019 Logan Avalanche: South Wood Camp weed
1/18/2019 Logan Avalanche: Goal Post Eric Flygare
1/18/2019 Moab Avalanche: Moab
1/18/2019 Ogden Avalanche: Cutler Ridge brian smith

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