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T Diegel


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SF Meadows upper BCC
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From what I gleaned upper BCC did not do as well as LCC in this stormlet; 7" was reported at Alta, but we only saw 4", and that was up high; down at 8k there was just a dusting? Seemed like the new snow was about the same consistency as the old snow on the north facing aspects; on E and S it landed on a variety of thicknesses of crusts.  

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There wasn't enough of a load on the facety old snow today to create any worries, and it seemed like there was no wind loading either. But of course, these 4" add another layer to the house o' cards.

Probably no need to reiterate that if/when we ever do get a real storm - or even one that is a bit more than this little'n - the fubar will be hitting the fan whilst all its wheels are falling off.  But a good data point that with only 4" of pretty light snow on top of the facetfest or slick rain/sun crusts it's not enough to tip the balance (and not really enough to fill in old tracks either, but that's another issue).  Maybe LCC had more action today with more snow.  

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