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Snowbasin BC
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Nice day. Clear in the am than stratus clouds moved in. By 3 air temps were on the rise with some greenhousing.

Went for a ski again in the Snowbasin backcountry.  I was surprised to find decent facet skiing on true north aspects.  Anywhere that the wind has not blown the snow is becoming weak.  .5mm NSF.  This layer is actually pretty thick and unsupportable.  If in steeper terrain you could create facet sluffs.   I could move a little snow today but not on anything steep enough to get it to carry.  This is worse than I originally thought.  After yesterday I was hoping none of these NSF layers were really connected but today I found large areas of rotting snow.  This is only in protected areas that have not seen any sun.  True North.  The next storm seems to be a dud so maybe that will help us blow around and compact this new weak  layer.  

I also have been skiing in paths that slid on Dec 23.  I attached a photo of what the snow now looks like.  Most of this is blown in but it is at least right side up.  I was suprised to see that most of the old basal facets had been cleared out of a few starting zones.  I was expecting more and expecting a repeater cycle if it ever snowed.  Now I am unsure about that hypothesis.  The glacial layer is still well represented in Upper elevation NE aspects.  You can see it in the photo still a little brown actually.  

Super good inversion today. At 6:30 am it was 2 degrees in the Ogden Valley and 15 minutes later at 6300 ft it was 17 degrees.

If Tuesday was 4.2 today was 4.7! Knee high (well maybe shin but close enough).

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