Observation: Steam Mill Peak Area

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Steam Mill
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Actually found some 4.2 star riding conditions today in the steam mill area.  Supportable soft NSF skiing.  It took awhile to find because the wind had done its number even on the most sheltered of terrain.  But it is there.  25 degrees over the binding pow!  Did have notable pit results on NE Aspect at 8600 ft ECTP 21 SP on the old NSF not on the basal facets sitting on the glacial layer (not really glacial anymore but for lack of better name).  This actually surprised me.  I had been seeing this in places in Ogden but it still jumps out at me.  .5-1mm old buried NSF that is causing these good failures. I also had a CT 14 SP on the big basal facets on the glacial layer.  Found an old natural slide in the steep mature timber off of the Eastern peak of the Steam mill skin track saddle (Sorry I don't know what it is called).  This is definitely enough to bury a person or hurt somebody as it is in super consequential terrain.  You guys have probably seen this natural on Double Top but here it is anyway.  Avalanche outlined in Green.

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