Observation: Chalk Creek

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Pahvants - Upper Chalk Creek Road
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Anpother warm day.
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Crust and corn about sums it up.  This would be a corn cycle if there was a base.

Red Flags
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No real red flags today. Looking at the recent warm temps, I am beginning to think that the snow above 9,000' may be forming a base if we ever get more snow. This snow may also form a bridge over the basal facets. This is based on temps in the high 30's and low 40's at the Pine Creek Snotel. Photo of the high country below.
Avalanche Problem #1
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It could be possible to trigger something on upper elevation north aspects.  I am guessing low danger.


No snow profile today, too depressing.  HS up to 12-14" in sheltered north aspects.

Photos below:

1. High country near White Pine Peak.

2. current conditions at 7,400'.  This is what is left of a 24" storm.

3.  The big kids told me to build up some speed and lean back while going for the gap.....

4.  Sledders are getting brave, I hope they have their rock sleds.

If anyone wants to get in touch with me about snow/avalanche questions in SW Utah, I can be reached at swutbcski@gmail.com. I would be happy to walk anyone through the observation process.  All observations are appreciated.

mostly no danger but I am saying low to cover the high norths.

A short video of some of the ski conditions is below.

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