Observation: Brighton Perimeter

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Brighton Perimeter: Catherines, Martha, Dog Lake
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Skies remained overcast the entire day with no solar radiation issues. WSW winds were in the high end of the light category with light transport or wind blown observed. Temperatures remained unseasonably mild and warm.
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Mixed bag out there for riding. The warm temperatures have settled the once winter like powder to spring like dense settled snow. In many areas there is significant wind damage with wind board and sastrugi. Southerly aspect did not soften today at mid and upper elevations. Overall, riding condtions have deteriorated in the past 48 hours. 

Red Flags
Red Flags
Recent Avalanches
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Poor Snowpack Structure
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Observed collapsing once again today in a couple of isolated areas. Besides this, efforts at attempting to initiate remote triggering in safe likely areas were not successful. Reports of avalanches in the past 24 hours continues. Poor snowpack structure noted below in photo and snowpit results. At this point the upper elevation protected terrain in the Brighton Perimeter appears to be bridging the buried weak layers as the snowpack has adjusted to the Christmas storm load. Despite this, confidence remains low to get out onto steep terrain on NNW, N, NE and E aspects.
Avalanche Problem #1
Persistent Slab
Problem #1 Comments

See above

Avalanche Problem #2
Wind Slab
Decreasing Danger
Problem #2 Comments

Isolated pockets of wind slab may continue to be an issue throughout the weekend in upper elevation terrain receiving winds in the teens and above. 

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