Observation: Toledo Bowl

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West Ridge Toledo down Toledo Bowl
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Mainly overcast this morning with brief periods of sun poking through. Winds started light this morning but became gusts as we increased in elevation and as the day progress. Gusts where strong enough on the summit of Toledo to transport snow.
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Fully mixed bag of surface conditons out there.   We went up to Cardiff Pass then climbed the West Ridge of Toledo and down Toledo bowl.  Lower angle terrain has softer snow even on solar aspects due to timing of year.   Steeper solar aspect have P firm crust.  Most of the ridge was dry and in excellent climbing conditons. 

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Saw an avalanche (unsure if new or how old) off the intermideate ridge in Cardiff. It was NE facing at ~9500. See attached photo.
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Just straight up avoid it.   No reason to go taught the dragon when there is plenty of other terrain and options to do.   



IMO - this is when we start to see more and more accidnets/near misses.  The 'main' part of the b/c ski run has tracks in it therefore the natural tendency is to move off the side.  The more you move away from the 'online' skiing/riding the more likely you are to hit a radom weakness as your getting pushed by previous tracks into terrain you would prefer not to be in.  As guides this is the hardest thing to do but sometimes have people ski/ride in old tracks becuase of the idea of branching out to the side your more likely to find the that random weak spot -   Sorry for the rant.   - Spitzer



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