Observation: White Pine Canyon

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White Pine Trail

Dec 09, 2017 11:57
Type: snowpack_test
Location: White Pine Lake Trail, Cache County, UT, USA
Description: We got no results in our ECT. Fracture at 15 taps did not propagate across column and was Q3. That said, layer of concern is facets 38cm down above a stout rain crust from Thanksgiving. While we didn’t get it to propagate, we want to investigate further at higher elevation. If this layer were to go, it would be a dangerous avalanche. Need to gather more info.
ect_score : ect_score_ectn
critical_grain_form_fc : fc_classification_fc
test_type : test_type_ect
critical_grain_form : critical_grain_form_fc
snowpack_depth : 330.2
elevation : 2590.8
weak_layer_depth : 85
aspect : aspect_NE

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