Observation: Pine Creek

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Pahvants - Pine Creek
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Calm day, valley was inverted. Walked a couple of miles of mud to reach snow.
Snow Characteristics
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Faceted Loose
Melt-Freeze Crust
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Snow down to 6,000' in shady areas, spotty.

Shady areas have continous coverage above about 7,500' or so.

Above 8,000 feet in shady areas there is about 5-6" on the ground consisting of a basal 2-3" of decomposing melt/freeze forms, 1 finger.

The upper 2-3" is composed of decomposing to faceting snow from the storm early this week.

Some surface hoar in places.

I started at 6,000' and stopped at 8,500' when it got annoying to be punching through the basal layer when walking in the snow.  I was on foot, not enough to ski.

Red Flags
Red Flags
Poor Snowpack Structure
Red Flags Comments
Red flags are future. Based on what I saw today, there is enough snow to warrant concern in this area when winter decides to start. Definitely enough snow to initiate a collapse. I walked to the base of some large slide paths, I would imagine that there is more snow 1,500' higher in the starting zones, which received 8" in the storm 2 weeks ago and also likely contain deep areas of pooled graupel from the same time period.
Snow Profile
Slope Angle

Photos below:

1.  Surface Hoar, 7,000'

2.  Kitty cats are traveling in the area.

3.  Snow cover @ 8,000'


Based on 2nd hand information, there is a lot less coverage in the Tushers.


High Norths may have to be avoided if we get a large storm.

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