Observation: Ogden Mountains

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Ogden area mountains
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High thin clouds, becoming more numerous at the day went on. Warm, with temperatures in the 30s and 40s.
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Most of the snow surface was a frozen crust, except at the lower elevations or slopes catching the sun, where it had softened for the day.    Quite slick where supportable - I could imagine needing crampons on steeper, higher elevation slopes.


Red Flags
Red Flags
Poor Snowpack Structure
Red Flags Comments
Hard, slick surfaces. New snow from the upcoming storm may bond poorly to these crusts.

I did a couple of quick pits, looking at the snow on northerly facing slopes, at about 8800'.  Not much snow - 20 to 35 cm.  Lots of variation over short distances, but the common theme is the slick ice/rain crust on top and another, thicker, ice crust lower in the snowpack.

While there's still loose snow beneath the crusts, in general it's moist and the basal facets at this elevation look to be melt-freeze. They could still be facets at higher elevations.

Concern for the nearer future:

  • new snow from the next few small storms not bonding well to the slick crusts, then sluffing on the ice crust
  • further in the future - snow from up coming small storms sitting on the crust, and faceting with the colder forecast temperatures.  This would give us a setup of a weak layer on a very good bed surface, which could be very active when a larger storm arrives.



Snow near the ground, looks like it's changed to melt-freeze to me.  Though it was melting on the card with the warm temperatures.

I would suspect this snow near the ground could still be facets at the highest elevations of the Ogden area mountains.

Slick crust

Photos of snow coverage (not as good a Bill Hunt's last set - he must have a good telephoto!).  Looks like North Ogden Pass area is relatively snow free, though can't see into the trees, due north.

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