Observation: Chalk Creek

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Pahvants - Chalk Creek
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Clear cold day after yesterday's big blow.
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4-8" overnight falling on bare ground.  The only thing that let me ski (or more accurately walk with skis on my feet) was the density.

A lot of graupel in the mix and some hail.

Some damp snow and rollerballs by late morning.

Bob's Hollow Snotel  - 4"

Pine Creek Snotel - 8"

Big Flat in the Tushers - 3", note:  2nd hand info from a hiker on Delano this last weekend almost no snow anywhere.

Red Flags
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No current red flags but a few things worth noting: Some graupel pooling up to 2" deep in places (photo below). Was was not able to isolate the upper 45" which formed a soft wind slab. This would be a red flag if there was enough snow to ski the slope, but this was a steep road cut with very limited distribution. This is worth noting for the future when traveling in areas that accumulate pools of graupel such as below cliffs, especially if this snow sits around and rots/facets. There are some areas of facets formed after the storm cleared, good squares under magnification. Overall SW UT may have dodged the early season facet bullet. I rode my bike in this area two nights ago.
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Nothing in this area.


Photos below: 

1. Facets on surface

2. Typical surface with graupel.

3. Quick pole columns in pooled graupel at approx 7,000' elevation.

Photos below:

1.  White Peak, N facing, 10,200,  There is some some old snow in the shadow lines next to the tree areas.  This snow is limited and likely has been through many freeze thaw cycles.  Should not pose that big of an problem.

2.  Northeast facing up to 9,500.  No old snow.  this is the type of terrain I would seek out if worried about the old snow.

Both of these areas are near the Pine Creek Snotel site and may have more than the 4" i observed in Chalk Creek.

The UAC would appreciate obs if If anyone is getting out in the SW.

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