Observation: Ogden Mountains

Observation Date
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Derek DeBruin


Location Name or Route
Mount Ogden, Banana Chute
Not a whole lot to report, but I'm stoked for winter to start happening, so I took a hike yesterday (20171114) to get a look at some northerly aspects. With all the warm weather and lack of precip (this morning produced very little), the Ogden area is doing fairly well at getting rid of higher elevation snow. South and west aspects are almost completely bare except all but the highest elevations; there is still a tiny bit of snow hanging on above 9000ft on Ben Lomond. Lewis Peak is pretty much dry. The webcams at Snowbasin (https://www.snowbasin.com/the-mountain/web-cams/) show lots of dry terrain below about 8000ft (except for snowmaking). Not sure about the east side of Ben Lomond (Cutler and Rodeo Ridge zones). Banana Chute off north side of Mount Ogden/Allen Peak is still holding a bit of snow down to about 7500ft, as seen in the photo.
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