Observation: Stairs Gulch

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Stairs gulch
Avalanche Problem #1
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As the lower elevations melt out and hikers start to emerge, I wanted to make a reminder of the deep, upper elevation snowpack and the lingering risks of glide and wet avalanches. 16 years ago, my half brother was killed in a glide avalanche in Stairs Gulch, and it is a risk factor that could be overlooked if you don't know what's hanging above you. Also, tanners and the other slide paths in LCC and BCC will continue to be active with wet slides, especially on sunny afternoons. This is a general warning that despite dry trails below, be aware of a deep snowpack at higher elevations and stay out of avalanche runout areas. There are plenty of places not to take your family for a picnic. We haven't had an avalanche fatality yet this year in Utah. let's keep it that way and not let our guard down this spring.
Avalanche Problem #2
Wet Slab
Increasing Danger
Problem #2 Comments
Saturday's warming and Sundays hot temps will likely trigger a wet cycle.
Snow Profile
Aerial photo from April 5 showing the almost glacier like cracks and hang fire in Stairs Gulch.
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