Observation: Moab

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Laurel Highway
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Skied in the La Sals for the first time today so decided to dig a pit along our approach on Laurel Highway. 

Pit location was about 50' off the Laurel Highway ridge line before summitting Pre-Laurel. 

Fresh snow on the top 8-10".  Under that was a suncrust a few mm thick. Below that there was approx 14" of 4 finger to fist hard snow. Below that was a significant Ice layer perhaps 1" thick. Below that there were small facets.  We did not dig to the ground and the snowpack in the location was at least 230cm deep. 

ECT did not yield any propagation or failure. Though after the test I could get the fresh layer of snow to shear on the crust by pulling with my shovel.  Overall the snowpack seemed very solid. 

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