Observation: Primrose Cirque

Observation Date
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Tyler Falk


Location Name or Route
Primrose Cirque
Light Snowfall
Wind Direction
Weather Comments
Clear skys pre dawn changed to scattered clouds by 8 am. Obscured skys at upper elevations with S1 snowfall off and on in the morning. Low of 29 degrees at the aspen grove trailhead (6880) overnight. Uper elevation low temps bottomed out around 24 degrees. Hi temps at 6880 arond 44. Hi temps at 10k did not warm up out of the mid 20's with clouds, wind, snow and the small front moving through.
Snow Characteristics
New Snow Depth
New Snow Density
Snow Surface Conditions
Faceted Loose
Melt-Freeze Crust
Snow Characteristics Comments

Maybe a trace if snow in the upper elevations by the time we left primrose cirque at 11 am. As the front moved through small grained graupel preceded small mixed precipitation particles. Possible near surface facets on top of a 2-5mm melt freeze crust in isolated locations with a Northern component at mid elevations. Trailhead height of snow still around 3 feet. (6880) Wet grains noticed below the melt freeze crust in east facing primrose cirque below 9200, above that dry grains found under the crust. Light transport noticed in the normal locations at the top of primrose on east aspects. Timpanogos Divide SNOWTEL site reading at 143%of Median. HS at that site around 178cm. 

Red Flags
Red Flags Comments
Overnight lows at 9800' the next few days are going to be in the low 20's or upper teens so we should see a solid refreeze in most locations. However 7k temps will reach the 40's and 50's later in the weeek which may make lower elevations a bit more prone to wet activity. Damp grains in the snowpack below 9200'. Could easily make a snowball a foot or two down under the crust on east aspects below 9200' where there was a refreeze last night.
Avalanche Problem #1
Loose Wet Snow
Problem #1 Comments

Number one concern likely over the next few days on will be wet loose snow with the possibility of wet slabs. Overnight freezing temps at most locations should keep most activity to a minimum I suspect. Most paths that typically run have already slid with fairly large debris piles on a variety of aspects. (D2/R2) 

Pic.1 Melt Freeze Crust (4cm)

Pic.2&3  Wet Activity in Primrose D2/R2


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