Observation: Broads Fork

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Hardesty, Diegel, Cannon


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Broads-Mill B South
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2" thick melt freeze crust with overnight "lows" and radiational cooling.  Walked through the dirt to the Broads Fork bridge, but skinnable from there . MF crust supportable on skis, though punchy underneath.  Not punchy in an avalanche hazard way, but rather that of travel.  I was relegated to crawling on hands and knees to gain the desired saddle into Mill B South.  

Red Flags
Red Flags
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Size 2 cornice fall noted in upper Mill B South that triggered an old 1' deep and 40' wide 'storm slab'. 4 to 6' debris pile. Timing unknown perhaps 48 hours? More glide cracks than you can count, with at least three 2 day old size 2 to 3 glide releases noted in typical terrain.

Walking by 7am, back to the car by noon.  BCC and sub-drainages flush with water.  Some digging showed a fairly well-plumbed snowpack and no wet slabs noted, though a couple size 1.5 loose wet avalanches noted on steep northwest facing terrain at 9500'.  Avoided mid elevation terrain traps out of simple distrust of the heat wave.  Wet slabs still on the radar in localized terrain, particularly in the outlying areas. 


New size 2 glide release on the lower Broads slabs and debris pile

Three glide releases in mid-Broads; reported last weekend.

Two of the three issues we've been forecasting: natural cornice fall and glide releases

Debris from natural cornice fall

Glide crack to negotiate or avoid on entry to Mill B South

Debris from lower elevation glide release from the slabs beneath Lake Blanche



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