Observation: Moab

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Reed Kennard


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The Funnel
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It was a spring like day up in the La Sal's with temps in the upper 40's at 9:00 in the Geyser Pass Parking lot. Skies were clear and winds were moderate out of the south.
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Spring skiing is in full effect up in the mountains on most aspects.  There were 20 cars in the parking lot at 8:30 this morning.  North facing slopes are still in a transitional state, but good corn skiing can be found on all other aspects.  The warm temps and sunny skies we've had for the past week have done a number on south facing slopes, but for the most part there is still plenty of snow to slide around on, even if it doesn't look that way from town.  I skied the more southerly side of the funnel today at 11:30 and found great corn skiing on the majority of the line.  There were a few sections of scratchy, edgeable snow down in the choke where the sun was blocked by tall trees, but where the sun had hit the snow it was soft and creamy.  I talked to several folks in the parking lot who skied a more south facing "oven"  around the same time and said that it was getting mushy towards the bottom.

Red Flags
Red Flags
Rapid Warming
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I checked rapid warming, but a more accurate description would be just plain warm. This was at least the second night where the temps at 11,700 feet did not dip below freezing. It seemed like for once the wind was helping us out and providing a little convective cooling and helping the snow firm up over night even with a low of 33.
Avalanche Problem #1
Loose Wet Snow
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The only sign of loose wet avalanches I saw was a small release near the cliffs in tele gold, and this could have been several days old.  I would still be cautious of slopes at the heat up during the day and if you notice pinwheels are boot top slush it's time to get out of harms way.

Avalanche Problem #2
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There are still some large cornices sitting up on the ridge lines.  Keep a mindful eye these if you are traveling below or on top of them as the day heats up.  

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