Observation: Lamotte Peak

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John Mletschnig


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Lamotte Peak
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Traveled today from Christmas Meadows to Lamotte Peak summit at 12720' then skied the SE face into Right Hand Fork of the East Fork of the Bear River, skinned back up to saddle north of Lamotte and returned to Christmas meadows.

Between the warm temperatures and the wind the window for protected dry snow has shrunk. That said, cold dry snow can still be found between 10k-11k on N-NE steeper than 30 degrees in protected areas. Exposed areas (most of the alpine) have been ravaged by the wind.

Through most of the range west facing slopes in the alpine and at tree-line are blasted off, to rock even in many locations while east facing (leeward) slopes have a very fat snowpack!

Above 11k a very immature corn cycle is present on solar slopes SE-SW. Skiing on the ESE side of Lamotte today was sun softened cold snow from 12720'-12000' on supportable wind-board. Solar slopes today above 11k didnt see enough warming to produce any wet activity (only just enough to soften crusts). Below 11k was the usual mix of wet where warm.

At 10400' east of Christmas Meadows 175cm of snow is settled on the ground.

Red Flags
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No signs of instability today in the alpine. Below treeline warming on solar slopes got things pretty wet.
Avalanche Problem #1
Loose Wet Snow
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As slopes warm with the heat of the day they thaw and get wet. High in the alpine today there were no slopes with this concern.

Avalanche Problem #2
Problem #2 Comments

Many large cornices are still hanging on just waiting to fall. Glide cracks on cornice backs were observed on high ridges.

Fat east facing slopes above Christmas Meadows.

Wind damage on high elevation west aspects. Looking east past the Cathedral, Mt. Bulah, Tokewanna etc.

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