Observation: Upper Weber Canyon

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Upper Weber Canyon
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Mostly clear by about 10 AM. Winds remained pesky from the W 25 gusting high 30's. Winds appeared to shift more SWerly late afternoon. Stayed relatively cool.
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About 4" new overnight with 0.2" H20, bringing storm totals to around 11 inches. 

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Red Flags
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Loading going on throughout the day, particularly exposed mid elevation ridgelines. See below.
Avalanche Problem #1
Wind Slab
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Most of yesterday's wind slabs had settled out, but a new round was forming with the continued winds today. The new wind slabs were soft and shallow, approximately 4-6" deep. Slabs were not very well connected, and mostly just broke out the width of your skis. Biggest pockets I was able to cut out were about 15' wide in areas that were getting the most new wind load. It seemed that the most new wind load was on mid elevation exposed ridgelines. Not sure if this was just due to the wind direction in relation to our terrain, or a combination of direction and the fact that there was not much snow available for transport on the higher elevation ridges (i.e., they were already scoured yesterday). Anticipate that these will again settle out, and if we don't see a spike in winds, the hazard should decrease as snow available for transport decreases. If winds increase or change direction, the hazard will remain the same.

Avalanche Problem #2
Problem #2 Comments

Seems repetitive to mention these, but they were growing again today, and could become quite sensitive with the rapid rise in temps the next couple days.


Photos below of:

1) shallow dry loose activity (natural), there were also some natural soft slabs;

2) wind loading on an exposed subridge at 10,000'; and

3) small soft slab on ESE facing slope at 10,500'

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