Observation: North Ogden Divide

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North Ogden Divide
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Stong winds again. I judge strong by if it can blow me over and once again the wind did that today. Can not wait for the wind to stop blowing!
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Mixed bag out there still.  In some areas the 20" of new snow that has fallen plus the 65 inches from last storm is all stripped away leaving in many places our lovely rain crust form February 20.  

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We did start to see some wet activity; roller balls and a little pushalanche on E aspect at 6,800 ft. This surprised me but back at the trailhead at 6,200 ft the temp was 43.
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Nothing noted today but they have to be out there somewhere.  I would say they are possible to trigger!

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Honestly this afternoon and headed into tomorrow this could be the biggest concern.  Poor clearing tonight is going to green house our snow pack and warm temps could be expected tomorrow depending on the "light disturbance." 


Mixed bag on the skiing side today.  Found cold snow in protected areas above 7,200 ft.  Drastic change s you moved only 200 ft less in vert.  No glaring sign of instability.  Some cracking in shallow wind slabs up to 6 in deep but that is about it.  Lots of wind loading on NE aspects.  Most of the snow on the SW aspect of the N side of the divide has been stripped back to the Feb 20 rain crust or summer conditions (see Photo).  It always amazes me how fast the snow in Ogden on S aspects at 7,000ish ft melts out.   For considerable today I wish I had more interesting stuff to give you but that's all!


Summer conditions

South Side of the Divide just looking wind hammered.

 Isolated Cracking

I heard we now needed a Cornice photo of the day (This one is a little small sorry?!)

Everyone LOVES winds!

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